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Hey you guys!

I was talking to my mommy and I told her I want to have a cookie party, for kicks! So she said when we get off for break if you guys want you can come over and we can have a hella kwel time. Ok she left out the hella kwel part, but I added it for "more ump" lol

FYI There will be no…
Glucose, Glycerin, or Frosting that we have to make

So we should be safe! Heeheehee!

So if that sound cool to you guys let me know!

Talk to you later

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No glucose? Pft. How lame.

Hehe...j/k. That sounds like fun! We can play apples to apples! And Pretty Pretty Princess! And! And! ...yeah. Let me know details later.

Yes we can play those! It will be super! Ya I just wanted to see if you guys want to do it? I'll talk to my mom more on dates
But I liked making Glucose frosting... okay maybe not. YAY FOR COOKIES! Sounds hellakwel to me!
I am sure I could find some Glucose just for you!!!! LOL!

I'll fill you in with more details later!