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yeah.. some more insanity

I was walking dwn the street when all of a sudden a gigantic smiley face jumped out in front o m and sad, "I'm going to eat you!" I was so scared I started running and tripped over a little clown. He looked at me and said, "Why i there a protein stain on the ground?!?" I was shocked. So I started to bw down to him because was scared of him too. So scard almost peed my pants! Then the smiley face opened its eyes wider an wider until they fell out of his head. I wasso scared so I went and picked on eup and fed it to the clow. He said, "MMM good fixins! Gimme more!" So I fed him the other one. hen he asked me for more and I said, "I don't got no more!" and he said, "I see two right there!" Then I ran. And bumpe into a wall. Then the wall started to melt and I was left with a puddle of brick. Ten I ran some more. I was starting to wnder where the hell I was, but before I figured it out... I died.

Science class is fun!
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